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World Financial System & Cryptocurrencies

The financial system is largely controlled by London, New York, and then to a smaller extent Frankfurt and Paris.

The major Fiat currencies - US dollar, GB Pound and Euro can print money, loosen money supply - inject money into their economies to fuel growth led by consumerism and low low cost abundant funds for businesses and consumers.

By large the developing countries or non-FIAT currency countries are affected by this - their own currencies devalue, accompanied by inflation. They however benefit from economic growth in the West by there being ore demand for their goods and services. The standards of living in the FIAT currency countries is very high compared to countries in South Asia, Africa and South America. They also have many advantages in technology, education, infrastructure, financial and industrial capital, marketing and supply chain systems.

The poor countries are short of funds but also suffer from black/ illegal money [India looses about 500 billion dollars an year and Africa about 200 billion dollars or more] flowing into the Western Banking system - fueling further growth in the West and decreased funds available for investment and growth in poor countries. Another crippling factor in poor countries are the high interest rates. Currently 10 year bonds have the following approximate rates: Germany 0.53%, Greece 3.8%, India 7.3%, South Africa 8.5% and Kenya and Nigeria 13%. Higher risk ratings for poorer countries mean higher rates. Is a poor country necessarily high risk. Risks are effectively allocated by the financial system controlled largely in London and New York. Do not even mention Zimbabwe [unpopular in London in particular] where they are allocated very high political, economic and security risk.

So the plight of poor countries seems to be set - grim situation. Can they lobby the IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organisation or at the G20 summits? Has not happened so far!

The FIAT countries continue to dominate.

Does one have to change the standard to GOLD again, or use barter in some cases or move to Crypto-currencies which have become unpopular over the last month (surprisingly they were being boycotted today by Asian Countries - poor countries may benefit most from their use).

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